Rehearsals and Classes Resume 1/6!!!

Learn how to Belly Dance! Learn Middle Eastern drumming! Classes at Khajulah’s home studio
Thanks for your interest in learning about Belly Dance. Belly Dancing is an ancient art form, infusing the various ethnic dances of the Middle East, the surrounding regions and beyond. In modern form, it is a stylized version of its folkloric roots and always evolving. Belly Dance is sensuous and expressive; it develops strength, rhythm, grace and coordination. It is a great way to exercise, connect with others and can help build self-confidence. Classes are open to all ages, body types and is adaptable to individual limitations. Make a connections or two, have fun, and celebrate life through dance.

Learn how to Belly Dance!
day evenings - Troupe Focus
Tuesday evenings -
Beginners Focus
Study in a beautiful and relaxed environment, home studio located near Downtown San Jose and Willow Glen neighborhoods. Easy access via 280 freeway, light rail and bus 64. Classes are on-going.

Learn how to Drum!
1st and 3rd Wednesday evenings
Drumming classes with Faraz at Khajulah's home studio

Study the doumbek with Mike/Faraz!

Will you TOO become a Belly Dance Junkie?!?!?!?


Class policies



MONDAYS 6:00-7:30pm -
Interested in joining? Drop me a line, contact info.
This class is also geared towards choreography through the Advanced Performance Troupe, Raks al Khalil (Dance of Friends). Not only will we explore belly dance moves, we will continue to challenge ourselves by playing finger cymbals while dancing, advanced choreography and prop exploration, such as: veil, sword and tray. Classes are always ongoing and require a commitment of joining our troupe. In the hour and a half, we begin with warm up, zill drills/jam sessions and dance movement.

7:15-8:15pm -
Brief warm up and stretch. Focus is on choreography, move breakdown, and rehearsals for upcoming performances. Finger cymbals (plus other props) will be covered. Classes are on-going. Mixed Level Dancers perform under the name of Rakettes and are part of the main troupe, Raks al Khalil (Dance of Friends). Dancers are encouraged to make their own costumes at our separate sewing sessions where I will teach you how to sew!

TUESDAYS  6:30-7:30pm

This class is also geared towards beginner dancers with little to no experience and to anyone wishing to revisit the basices. After an easy warm up, we will go over basic postures and explore basic core movements which will then lead into movement variations. Choreography will be explored as well as props.

Small Group, Coaching and Privates Lessons also available
Learn one-on-one! Sessions are available for you or a small group. Start a "Ladies' Night Out" or "Bachelorette Party" with a belly dance class!!! Please contact me to schedule a time.


$12/ per class or drop in
$45/ 4 classes, paid in advance - classes must be taken consecutively
$80/ 8 classes, paid in advance - classes must be taken consecutively
Class fees are not refundable


drumming class info
1st and 3rd Wednesdays (unless rescheduled for holidays, etc)
Doumbek Classes in San Jose with Faraz
If you’ve ever wanted to learn to play the doumbek, now is the time! Join us as we explore one of the most dynamic drums on earth. A great class for musicians and dancers, all levels of experience welcome. Faraz is an Old World percussionist specializing in the rhythms of Northern Africa, Western Africa and the Middle East. Faraz has been playing old world rhythms since 1996.

7:30-8:30pm Note later start time, hopefully this will help with the pesky traffic!
$30 per month; $20 per class drop in
BYOD (Bring Your Own Drum) some available for lend with prior arrangement.

For more information, please contact Mike/Faraz:  |  (650) 817-5207

flyer (pdf)

current calender of classes


private home studio located just outside of Downtown San Jose near the Willow Glen area. The 280 and 87 freeways are nearby and the studio is easily accessible by public transportation, three blocks from the light rail or bus route 64.
Since this is a home studio, I keep my address semi-private, contact me directly for the address.
Drop me a line at: patricekhajulah(at)yahoo(Idot)com


Dress comfortably and bring something to tie around your hips. Flexible dance shoes or sandals are highly recommended. Please bring finger cymbals and
a veil, I also have these items for purchase and some for loan, but you are STRONGLY encouraged to supply your own.
Suppliers can be found on the links page. Bring water.



  • Turn your cell phones off - Please respect others by turning it off. Of course, if you are expecting an important call, this is acceptable, but please step out of the room.
  • Don't bring your children - This has been tried before and it hardly ever works. Some take belly dance classes as their only "me time" and sometimes it's their only opportunity to have time away from all their responsibilities (this includes their own children). There are exceptions: if your child is old enough to take classes with you or if you don't have a baby sitter for the night and your child is old enough to sit quietly and entertain themselves, but not on a regular basis and please contact me first.
  • No guests - Please don't bring your friends or boyfriends to class, this tends to be very disruptive to everyone. The exception is if your child is taking the class and you are there to supervise, you will not be charged for class unless you are participating as well.
  • EASY on the scents - Please don't wear strong perfumes/oils as some people have allergies, better to not wear it at all...
  • Try to be on time -  Sometimes it is difficult to make it on time (it's understood), but it can be a bit disruptive to the rest of the class, do your best to arrive on time or no more than 10" late.
  • Kitty lives here - If you have allergies, you may want to pre-medicate. Miss Emmy Rae the Green Eyed Kitty is very friendly and sometimes demands attention when she's not out and about.


Raks al Khalil (Dance of Friends)
This is our student troupe which you may join when you are ready, membership is strictly voluntary, I never push you to dance (well, hardly ever!). There are two phases for our troupe, Rakettes are mixed level dancers, you will have a few performance opportunities throughout the year and Raks al Khalil are advanced dancers and perform many times throughout the year.
Collectively we are Raks al Khalil and the Rakettes or RAK! for short. As a member a member of our student troupe,
you will also have the opportunity to learn how to sew your own costumes at our separate costuming workshops and sewing sessions, I am always available to make your costumes if you can't spare the time.
Please see the troupe page for more information and go to the calendar for scheduled performances.
To see our troupe in action go to my
YouTube Channel:

Thanks and feel free to contact me (email preferred).
---patrice aka Khajulah
phone: 408-279-8524